Text Box: At the MTRC we love exploring our beautiful country in a responsible way.  And we encourage you to do the same.  While doing this, always stay on the trail, donít trespass, and always, always pack out what you pack in.  If you see one of our club members venture off trail, please stop and ask them why.  If they are riding on the Buffalo Run, youíll find that certain land owners have a good relationship with our club members and they allow us to explore a little, with permission.  This access is EXTREMELY limited, and without this specific permission all riders MUST stay on the trail or we risk losing it.  As a club member, you too can take an off trail guided tour to explore a nice quiet meadow or a back woods spot in Northern Indiana thatís perfect for a break to grab that Snickers bar and a bottle of water.  Again, this is with permission only.  We lost 10 miles of our trails due to trespassing WITHOUT permission.  Letís all do our part and be respectful to the landowners.

We employ the same standards on our ATV rides too.  We ride ATVs mostly in Michigan
(both upper and lower peninsulas), but also in Indiana and other states.  Did you know that the MTRC was very instrumental in passing an ordinance in Marshall County, Indiana that allows the legal use of ATVs on all Marshall County roads? With proof of insurance and a legally registered ATV, a licensed driver can use the right-of-way for ATV adventures in Marshall County.

Whether you want to join, or just make a minor donation for snowmobile trail improvements, 
we certainly appreciate your kind gesture.
Please note, you DO NOT need a paypal account to pay online.
Paypal will allow you to securely pay us even though you 
donít have an account. Just click on the debit/credit card option when clicking the paypal link below.
Text Box: If you wish to join or donate by mail.  Please make your check or money order out to MTRC and send it to: PO Box 873, South Bend, Indiana 46624.  Please include how many sleds and/or ATVís you own, your email address and your mailing address when mailing your payment or when paying online via Paypal.
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